What to Expect

Traditional Worship Services at Saint Mark UMC offer you the opportunity to worship and praise God in a formal and traditional UMC service setting.  The hymns we sing have deep meaning and speak of God in ways we need to remember.

Traditional Worship features the Chancel Choir under the leadership of Director Ronnie Lett, that sings each week at the 11:00 a.m. service and once a month at the 8:30 a.m. service.  A wide variety of styles and musical periods are presented in each service such as selections from the late 1700’s to present, with emphasis on twenty-first century composers.  The Chancel Choir meets weekly on Wednesday Evenings and there is an open invitation to join the choir year-round.

The Traditional Worship Services at Saint Mark offer a time and a place of reconciliation, contemplation and recommitment.  It offers a time of listening to God’s message focus for today and for the days that follow.  

The pastoral messages in Traditional Worship are shared by a variety of pastoral voices from the preaching staff.  Each pastor has their own unique style of delivery and each pastor’s message is biblically based.

New Here?

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