Sunday Morning Classes 


Listed below are the Adult Sunday School Classes currently being offered at Saint Mark UMC.  It is our hope and prayer that you will find a class home in which to connect, study, share and fellowship with.  

Saint Mark is always constantly striving to update and begin new classes on Sunday mornings.  We would love to hear from you if you don’t see a class that might meet your needs. 

Adult Classes

Led by Jerry Moss, this class is comprised of middle aged adults who seek to serve Jesus by Biblical study and by supporting and participating in international missions.  Class members serve by finding ways to help heal our community with tornado relief through Camp Coker, and with Care Construction (home repairs and yard work for people in the church and the community that need a little assistance). The agape class is currently studying Multiply by Frances Chan.

The Current
Led by Blake and Ashleigh Newman, The Current is a group of 20- and 30-year-olds that is committed to study, service, and fellowship.  They are currently studying Joshua, and they are planning service and mission projects. The Current welcomes singles and couples that seek to know God better and join in Christian fellowship.  

Led by Robert Humphries and Fox Harmon, this class is guided by Biblical principles by reading and discussing the Bible.  The Genesis class is currently studying the book of Proverbs.  They seek to serve God by serving others, from supporting students in Honduras as well as special camps at Camp Sumatanga. 

Led by David Kelly, this diverse group of middle aged adults uses open discussion and a United Methodist weekly Bible study to draw closer to God.  They are active both inside and outside the church, serving the people of god through the St. Mark Food Pantry, Giving Tree, and World Vision.  

Led by Philip Jenkins, Kathy Hall, Danny Lemley, Jay Lindly, Kim Mitchell, Reggie Rowe, and Michael Yessick, the Jenkins is class committed to learning and serving in a relaxed and open classroom setting.  This class studies a United Methodist Bible study each week.  With a hands-on approach to serving Christ, this class had adopted the Generation United (college) class and serves as teachers and mentors for the college students.  Additionally, this class supports children here and abroad, specifically the Challenge Farm that offers a Christian home for homeless children in Kenya.

Led by John Bostick, Norman Carlson, Pat Bohannon, Tom Ellis, and Roy Maize, the McCollum class is one of two original adult Sunday school classes of St. Mark.  They study through the Bible every three years by using a weekly United Methodist Bible study.  Deeply involved with supporting missions, this class donates to the United Methodist Children’s home, back to school projects, Camp Sumatanga, the Giving Tree, and Caring Days.  

Led by Keith Blalock, Barney Cargile, Harry Goodall, Dudley Kerr, and Bill & Amelia Yessick, this group of middle aged and mature adults is committed to a weekly United Methodist Bible study.  Focused on serving, the Nova class participates with many mission projects, including:  Care Construction projects (home and yard repair), Camp Sumatanga, House of Hope, Caring Days, and serving various families in need.   

Led by various members of the class, this group of 30-40+ year olds discusses topics relevant to life as men and women in today’s world.  The Steadfast class strives to uplift one another in prayer, sharing, and bonding together in Christian love and acceptance. 

Led by Bridgett Monk and Harry Gabriel, this class often studies various books of the BIble, and studies books written by Christian authors as well.  The Vineyard welcomes folks of all ages, and is committed to serving those in need by participating with the ministry of the West Alabama Community Soup Kitchen.  

Led by Mark Scogin, this group of middle aged adults is studying and praying their way through the Bible.  Ten years ago they began with the book of Genesis and are currently working their way through the Gospels.  The Voyagers class is committed to various on-going mission projects that support the Kingdom of God.  

Led by Rev. Dick & Linda Wright and Chester Norris, the Whosoever class invites visitors and newcomers to join us in prayerful, thoughtful, Biblical studies.  This intergenerational class, started in 2007, welcomes all adults who seek Jesus and want to grow in their faith.  They serve by helping various families in need and supporting Kairos prison ministry, Emmaus, and the Saint Mark Food pantry.


Location: Family Life Center, Youth Room
There are currently groups for both Middle School and High school students dealing with current topics of the day.  This is for ages 6th grade - 12th grade.  


Location: Family Life Center, Youth Room
There are currently groups for both Middle School and High school students dealing with current topics of the day.  This is for ages 6th grade - 12th grade.  

Children and Nursery

Children and Nursery
Location: Multiple Classes on the Children's Wing
Teachers: Multiple Teachers
Our Children's Ministry currently offers Nurseries and Sunday School Classes for children in Preschool - 5th grade. Each class is lead by nurturing, caring, adults whose priority is teaching Children about Christ through education, compassion and love.