Who We Are - Yesterday 

Saint Mark was birthed in thought, prayer, and formation in 1965, coming out of the mother church, Northport First United Methodist Church. Geography was changing in the Northport, Alabama community and a new church was needed to continue the work of GROWING disciples for Jesus Christ. The core belief of ministry for this congregation is to grow the church in offering the love of Jesus Christ.  Not only St. Mark UMC a child of a sister UMC congregation but St. Mark UMC has birthed a church itself…Christ Harbor UMC, Northport, AL.  Growth, has been the constant theme through the 50 years of Saint Mark.

Who We Are - Today

Saint Mark UMC is a thriving congregation with over 1,250 members and an average worship attendance around 650 weekly, and still growing! As a congregation St. Mark UMC offers two types of worship styles (Traditional UM Liturgical Worship and Contemporary Worship inclusive of a worship band, an interactive worship experience with video and audio affects). St. Mark UMC is a community church…the vision of the church is focused outward and not inward. We are a church preparing folks when we gather for the work of ministry calls us to when we leave the facility…we are a church identified as being the hands of feet of Christ among our brothers and sisters not yet in the fold of Christ’s love.

SMUMC is a community church… the vision of the church is focused outward and not inward.

Who We Are - Tomorrow

Tomorrow is exciting to think about!  Truth be know, nothing is impossible for Saint Mark’s tomorrow because we hold faithful to the words of the angel Gabriel who bore good news to Mary telling her that as she was to bare the Son of God, Jesus, and her friend Elizabeth would bare a son in her old age… “For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1.37)  Did you catch it?  Saint Mark feels that it is has and still is catching it, “….nothing is impossible with God.”  At Saint Mark UMC we believe we are following God into tomorrow and where God calls us to be…He is already there calling us to meet Him.  We are willing to go there.  Being and Growing Disciples is our DNA!

Saint Mark UMC celebrated 50 years on May 31, 2015!  Here are a few photos from this memorable day.